Conceptual jokes

These ten videos are the result of rigorous and exhaustive field research.
The logical step after the video series, “Love and Other Compatible Pathologies.” (10 Poems)
In this new work, we approach with a smile, deep aspects of the human being. We in the collective are convinced that humor is the right digestive to address complexity issues of human behavior.
For the realization of these videos, we have had our usual accomplices
Paolo Boriani in cameras and editing, the music of the group Piume, and the assistance of Amandine Martin.


Poems are a series of videos that contemplate life as a couple in a crude way, which seeks to escape the jurisprudence of positivism, the religion of this age.
The characters do not experience love as a simple consumer product, soft and delicate, they assume it as a reality that can also be “negative”.

Their main interest in life is to transform themselves into someone they were not before, accepting that the bond between them (love) tacitly comes with vulnerability and the fear of being hurt by the other.
Interpersonal relationships are worthwhile insofar as we do not know the end.
The way we think and feel is often related to the social structures that surround us. We have become accustomed to certain utopian emotional landscapes that have become normal. A stroboscopic idea of ​​perfection where reality loses ground.
These videos show the arbitrariness of the institutions and their diagnoses that are transformed into sentences due to the lack of precision,
but they also show spaces of freedom such as art and love, from where we can enjoy how many changes can be made.
These videos are a political action, an act of rebellion to the norms of positivism.